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THE B2B MARKETING VIDEO MANIFESTO PART 5 Golden marketing principle 3: Tell to sell Ancient sales wisdom says If you don’t tell it, you can’t sell it.
Get your proposition upfront Tell customers what they get.
Do it boldly.
Answer customer questions before they ever ask – even the difficult questions Get your message out everywhere Use every digital channel – wherever customers may be found like email, facebook, youtube, linkedin, instagram, forums & groups, your website, everywhere Use video whenever possible – as it works You have to tell to sell Learn more about what’s in and what’s out in video marketing Deal of the Month to your inbox Email* First Name*Interest*Your interestMarketingTrainingSafetyI””m a Supplier* Happy to share my details in line with your privacy policy*privacy policy”” >EmailThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
Part 6: The 4th principle of video marketing – The Unbeatable Proposition HELP YOUR COLLEAGUES – SHARE THIS BLOG Share on Email Share on Facebook Share on Twitter recent posts 8: The 2nd effective attitude – Radical Transparency 7: The 1st effective attitude – Radical Open Mindedness 6: The 4th principle of video marketing – The Unbeatable Proposition 4: The 2nd principle of video marketing – Discover To Win The post 5: The 3rd principle of video marketing – Tell To Sell appeared first on Studio Rossiter.

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