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Field Service.
Give your team the tools they need to succeed!.
You need to get the right people to the job site with the tools and skills needed to get the job done right.
You take pride in y our products , but recognize that service calls are the real key to customer satisfaction and retention.
You need to shift from a break-fix repair model to a model that cements the customer relationship from install to scheduled maintenance to replacement.
Eliminate legacy processes like hard-copy work orders , inefficient scheduling, and guess-work resource allocation, which are responsible for too much administrative overhead and repeat visits.
How can Dynamics 365 for Field Service help your company?.
Dynamics 365 for Field Service : Manages service agreements including preventive maintenance, installed devices, service level agreements, and warranties.
Provides a drag-and-drop service calendar that allows service reps or dispatchers to match the right skill set and equipment to the right job for higher efficiency and better outcomes.
Provides real-time inventory updates so your inventory stays accurate.
Allows you to track parts, keep vehicles stocked, and avoid write-offs.
Replaces paper-based work orders with electronic records that can be delivered and updated on any major mobile platform including iOS, Android, and Windows.
Keeps customers in the loop with a text alert or voicemail, and provides a self-service portal allowing customers to request service, update their information , and check the status of a visit.
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