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About Us.
About Us.
About Us.
About Us.
Analytik provides cutting-edge scientific instrumentation to leading organisation s throughout the UK and Ireland.
Founded in March 2003, the company is now based in Swavesey, just outside of Cambridge – a UK hub for scientific and technological development .
In addition to supplying innovative analytical instrumentation from global technology providers, we deliver added value through specialised consultative expertise and comprehensive pre and post-sales support to ensure that our customers get the most out of their investment.

‘The Barn’ – Analytik HQ Our Values

Our people are excellent… and we give our customers access to that excellence We attract and recruit high quality people.
Our dynamic, dedicated team enjoy their work and are professional , customer orientated, flexible, motivated and ready and willing to take responsibility.
Each individual makes a difference to Analytik and the service we provide to our customers.
We take ownership of our customers ’ needs… supporting and delivering the right solution We are each leaders in our own field of expertise, willing to take on new tasks, open to new ideas and prepared to take ownership.
We care about and are supportive of each other, our customers and our suppliers.
We take responsibility for everything that we do…  and are invested in our customers’ success We are committed to personal and business accountability, working together to achieve our goals.
We are a closely-knit team of individuals who take responsibility for our work and are understanding and accepting of our strengths and weaknesses.
We are trustworthy… we promise not to let you down We are honest and open with each other and with our suppliers and customers, always striving to do the right thing.
We can be trusted to provide complete solutions that are in our customers’ best interests.
Customer Focus.
We deliver an excellent customer experience… and we are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals We work with cutting edge products and have valuable technical expertise.
We provide high quality services, working with customers and suppliers in a consultative manner.
Our strengths are in our communication, flexibility, responsiveness and professionalism towards the service we provide to our customers.
Our Team.
A small company with a big heart.
When we say we care about our people, we really mean it.
From tea-addicts to a former university lecturer, we believe that it takes a broad range of people with different skills and experience to enable us to provide the best service for our customers, suppliers and partners alike.

Role Managing Director

As Managing Director and owner of Analytik

my role is primarily taking responsibility for the overall direction and strategy of the company.
We have great people in our team and I take immense satisfaction in playing a part in their development and success both as professionals and individuals.

I am very proud to have built something in Analytik which reflects myself personally

has great value to our employees, customers and manufacturing partners, and most of all makes a very real and positive difference and contribution to the world.
Skills Business Mastery Leadership 93% Team Building 91% Scientific Mastery Beer Consumption Personal I’m too old and battered to play rugby anymore but I watch it at any and every opportunity.
I ski with a passion, enjoy cycling and walking, as well as spending time in the countryside, remote, scenic and mountainous places, watching wildlife and experiencing nature first hand.
I love to feel close to the amazing natural world in which we live.
Interests Role.

Role Sales Director

Within my role as Sales Director / Sales Specialist, .

I am responsible for many of Analytik’s product lines

I cover molecular spectroscopy, hyperspectral imaging, piezoelectric dispensing/micro-pipetting systems, 3D bioprinting and digital phenotyping.
I consider myself a technical consultant, working with customers to provide a complete solution that best fits with their needs, offering instrument and application knowledge, experience and support at all levels of the sales process.
Skills Customer Service Scientfic Mastery Training & Support 88% Sales Demonstrations 93% Dedication Personal I am a passionate Liverpool FC fan and have been since I can remember watching football on TV as a child.
My general well-being, happiness and mood is dictated by Liverpool’s results and I transform into a totally unrecognisable person when I am watching them play.
I love spending time with my wife and children, going away on holidays and eating hot and spicy food.
We also have a kitten that completes our family Interests Role.

Role General Manager

As General Manager, my role is to keep the back office running smoothly so that my sales and service colleagues can do what they do best.
I’m responsible for operations generally, for our facilities and for HR and training.
Although I regularly tell my colleagues very firmly that I am NOT an accountant, I do have a background in finance, and am responsible for our financial systems and the financial health of the company.
I have a passion for making office systems and software run efficiently, so that people can spend as much time doing their jobs as possible, and not trying to fit themselves round poorly-performing systems.
Skills Systems Mastery Enthusiasm 110% I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue Juggling Approachability Personal I’ve been married for 33 years – we met at work.
We enjoy travelling, almost always for outdoor sports, and have been lucky enough to cover a lot of the globe.
Recently we have flown less and driven to France and Belgium with our bikes, enjoying the high mountains of the Alps and the Pyrenees.
Every year we have a couple of weekends walking in the Lakes or elsewhere in the UK with a big group of friends.

Interests Role

Role Sales & Service Engineer.
I started with Analytik in Customer Service / Support and took on sales responsibilities with Microfluidics and Laminar while retaining a service/support focus.
I have a background in Chemistry and enjoy learning about and contributing to the wide ranging and varied projects our customers are involved with.
Skills Problem Solving Technical Understanding Percussive Maintenance Starbucks Dependance 98% Customer Service Personal I’m a nerd at heart, I like technical details and learning how things work.
One of the reasons I enjoy my job is that I get to catch glimpses of how the world works through our customers and also get to meet some of the top scientists, innovators and engineers in the world along the way.
I enjoy tinkering with cars and finding excuses to use my toolkit.
I also enjoy getting out into the countryside at home or abroad whenever I can.
Interests Role.

Role Sales Specialist

As a Sales Specialist at Analytik my role is extremely interesting and exciting

My specialist area is particle characterisation, covering a range of innovative and well-established product lines.
During my time at Analytik I have travelled the length of the country several times over.
I really enjoy partaking in customer service visits such as installations, service and training programmes.
Skills Ambition Logic Coffee Consumption Scientific Mastery Football Knowledge Personal I’m a massive football fan and huge supporter of Aston Villa Football Club.
When I am not at work you will almost definitely find me watching or playing football.
As a proud father of a wonderful little boy, I enjoy nothing better than spending time with him.
Interests Role.
Role Support Engineer Trainee.
Currently a Customer Services Support Engineer Trainee, my role is to help customers with issues they may have and service any of the products that Analytik has to offer.
My personal background in hands on repairs and problem solving means I’m never afraid to get stuck in and my willingness to learn should mean that I won’t stay a trainee for long.
I will be doing an engineering degree while at Analytik which will push my knowledge and skills even further.
Skills Problem Solving 94% Automotive Skill Power Level ?̶̢͉̘̙́͝?̴̢̰̥̥̯͂͆̒?̸̡͇̣͋ % Scientific Mastery 83% Planning Personal I’m interested in anything tech and engineering related.
From cars and motorbikes to computer programming and VR.
In my spare time you can find me wrenching on my next project or relaxing with video games, going for a drive or just grooving to some tunes.
I enjoy helping people and seeing the positive impacts of the things I do for others.
Always willing to lend a hand and always ready to take on a challenge.
Interests Role.
Role Business Administrator.
As Business Support Administrator my role is pivotal to the smooth and efficient running of the Analytik office.
I believe my key skills are being well organised, having exceptional attention to detail, outstanding interpersonal skills and great flexibility.
Working at Analytik provides me with lots of different challenges and projects, meaning no two days are the same.
I love the diversity that this provides as well as the people I work with.
Skills Organisational Skill Customer Service Technical Knowledge 40% Problem Solving Order Processing Personal Married with a daughter, I enjoy the balance of working part time and spending quality time with my family.
I enjoy gardening and having friends round for a glass of wine (or two) at weekends or curling up and reading a good book when I have time.
Having worked in the travel industry for 10 years, I have travelled far and wide but one day would love to hire a Winnebago and travel across America.
Interests Role.

Role Marketing Executive

As Marketing Executive my role involves overseeing everything marketing-related within the company.
From organising events and trade shows, to creating and implementing campaigns, I’m able to get involved in a wide range of projects and activities – which is why I love what I do.
Armed with a CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing, I most enjoy the diversity and constant learning that my role brings.
I’d describe myself as objective, analytical and driven.
Skills Marketing Mastery Digital Marketing 78% Colouring In 99% Business Acumen Tea Consumption 110% Personal An avid animal lover, I enjoy weekends away, drinking tea (Earl Grey with a splash of milk) and watching my favourite movies for the umpteenth time.
When I’m not working I can usually be found learning something new, reading or spending time with my family.
I’m also a huge MotoGP fan and love to attend races whenever I can.
Interests Role.
Role Marketing Support.

My role involves Business Development and Market Research at Analytik

What I enjoy most about my job is that I get to investigate the cutting edge research and markets associated with all of the Analytik products.
I particularly like being exposed to new trends and scientific advancements made by our customers as they define the next generation of materials, medical treatments and agricultural research techniques, to name but a few examples.
Skills Marketing Mastery Creativity Marketing Planning Scientific Mastery Tea Consumption Personal I enjoy short breaks away throughout the year, from relaxing in Tenerife during the winter, to spending time with friends and family in both Ireland (where I was born) and my current home in Cambridge.
In my spare time I enjoy playing golf and going to the gym.
Interests Our Memberships.
Analytik is proud to be a member of the following local organisations.
University of Cambridge Institute for Manufacturing (IfM) The Institute for Manufacturing membership scheme gives companies access to strategic, technical and innovation expertise from one of the world’s leading centres of manufacturing research and practice.
Cambridge Chamber of Commerce Furthering the interests of Cambridgeshire businesses.
Cambridge Network Bringing people together to collaborate for shared success.
Agri-TechE An independent, business-focused cluster organisation to improve the international competitiveness and sustainability of agriculture and horticulture.
Solutions Airborne Hyperspectral Imaging.
Remote Sensing.
Particle Characterisation.
High Shear Homogenisation.
Tissue Engineering & Regeneration.
Cell Disruption.
Light Measurement.
Vaccine Development & Production.
Standards, Coatings & Targets.
Precision Agriculture Research.
Conservation & Heritage.
Environmental Monitoring & Mining Exploration.
Products 3D BioPrinting.
Calibration Standards, Coatings & Targets.
Light Measurement and Testing.
Hyperspectral Imaging Systems.
Microfluidizer Processor High Shear Homogenisers.
Non-contact Nanolitre Dispensers.
Particle Analysers.
Continuous Flow Chemical Reactors.
Plant Phenotyping & Imaging.
Partners Agilent Technologies.
Avian Technologies.
CPS Instruments Europe.
GL Optic.
Headwall Photonics.
Malvern Panalytical (ASD).
Particle Metrix / Colloid Metrix.
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