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Blast off to space and help kids discover the atmosphere, planets, galaxies and other wonders in space.
Kids will enjoy learning about planets and constellations and pretending to be astronauts as they look at pictures of the Earth from up above.
The more visual images and videos parents and teachers can show kids, the more interested they’ll be.

Best Kids Websites features a collection of some of the top space websites for kids

They’ll learn about space from some of the top researchers at NASA

see pictures taken by the Hubble Telescope, and have a lot of fun playing games and learning cool space facts.

Ology – American Museum of Natural History

This section of the American Museum of Natural History

is an outstanding science website for kids.
The site features numerous interactive activities on subjects such as anthropology, archeology, astronomy, climate change.
Find out if you have what it takes to live on mars or take a stellar star quiz by visiting the astronomy section.
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Kids Discover is a magazine that was founded with the goal of entertaining and educating kids.
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Practice, get messy and learn while making experiments.
The well-known science experiment book The Science Explorer offers hands-on science activities for kids of all ages.
Browse some of the examples on the websites or purchase the book in the website store.
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Using the Hubble Space Telescope’s discoveries

Amazing Space makes an effort to inspire and educate about the wonders of the universe.
Find adventures, breathtaking pictures, tools and even homework help.
Pictures and resources will make children feel like they are actually in space.
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Submerge yourself in the world of astronomy, through breath-taking images and videos of outer space.
This site provides in-depth articles and studies about science and astronomy, making it a comprehensive source to learn about the universe.
You can also read profiles of famous astronomers and read about the history of astronomy.
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Thanks to new technology and advanced tools scientists have been able to provide us with more accurate information about space.
NOVA: Space & Flight features full episodes of the famous PBS show as well as interactive space explanations, interviews and expert Q&A.
Older kids and teens will appreciate the fascinating images contained in the videos and slideshows.
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Buckle-up for a fantastic ride through the universe and learn about deep space.
This site is filled with games, fun facts and other cool stuff about astronomy.
Learn about civilian space travel or find out what you can find in the sky tonight.
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Space Race is an animated web series about spaceships flying to the different planets in our solar system.
Besides being super entertaining, Space Race will teach kids more about space, math and science.
Watch the videos, then play interactive games and complete worksheets based on the series.
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NASA has created this interactive site

which provides images, videos, news and answers all your questions in regards to the universe.
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What better way to learn about the universe and outer space than through NASA

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