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My Productivity Suite Switcheroo.
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My Productivity Suite Switcheroo.
Late last summer I started to rethink my entire till chain for productivity.
At the heart of my system resided , a productivity app centered on that I’ve been using since the original beta.
I love Omnifocus and still think it is the standard by which all todo apps should be measured.
Around September I started , using my every handy notebooks.

I still relied on Omnifocus for administrative reminders

but began doing all of my planning and creative work in the handwritten journal.
Not surprisingly this felt more visceral.
I didn’t miss the digital reminders.
Example: Julie and I have a lot of credit cards and one of the burdensome tasks was to pay them monthly and reconcile in.
I took a few hours to first synchronize payment due dates for every card to the 15th of the month, then moved to auto-pay the full balance.
At first this felt risky, but the beauty of using YNAB is that I’m assured of always having the cash on hand to pay the cards.
I’ve never looked back and this took about 30 monthly tasks out of my list.
Throughout the fall I’d also been exploring replacement options for my reference archive tool of choice:.
Bear has been good to me but hasn’t been without issues.
The way it deals with in the text editing mode has always been a problem for me – a mixture of formatting without hiding the Markdown itself.
And editing of hyperlinks is handled very poorly.
Jacob visited us in early October and showed me his latest tool fascination:.
I was mildly interested as it checked a few boxes for me: This is when I found amazing , .

With a focus on implementing the from Tiago Forte’s course

When I encountered that method I new nothing about it, but saw enough to be very curious.
Could this be a method for combing my entire system into a single tool.

Tiago originally designed PARA to work in Evernote

a tool I left about two years ago.
They began charging more and more money for a tool with more bloat and lower performance.
Lucky for me there is an emerging community of folks implementing PARA in Notion so it is easy to find the support I need.
Better support for sharing on iOS as a destination.
It is baffling that I cannot share text from the into Notion; the belief currently is that sharing sources must send a URL along with shared content for Notion to take it.
This is a major problem that hopefully will be addressed soon.

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