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As odd as it might sound, I think these past few months have done a lot of good for IT, and following the recent news from Nexthink last week, I actually feel optimistic for many enterprises out there that might be struggling. Hear me out. Right now, there are millions… Continue Reading and following the recent news from Nexthink last week

LISTEN TO THE SHOW We need your help to keep the show going Check out to find out how you can help This episode of We Like Shooting –  Double Tap is brought to you by Black Rhino Concealment Neo Mag and Rubber Dummies. Check out our Shootout challenge Targets,… Continue Reading Welcome to We Like Shooting’s Double Tap

“The idea is that we’re an attacking-based team that wants to create goal-scoring opportunities by disorganizing the opponent,” said Berhalter. “We’ll do that in a number of different ways. What I’d say is that consistently over my time at Columbus we’ve done it through build up where we start with… Continue Reading if Gregg is serious about playing the style he promised

We are delighted to announce that we are now accredited as a FORS Silver Vehicle Hire Provider. This is a new accreditation launched by FORS that gives our customers the assurance that the vehicle they are hiring is in line with their own best practice standards. Independent audits took place… Continue Reading FORS Silver Vehicle Hire Provider Accredited

For many younger workers, the traditional view of a steady job at one company, perhaps for life, simply doesn’t reflect reality. The gig economy has truly taken hold as a response to employees’ desire for increased flexibility and agility. As the workforce adapts, here is how automation is changing the… Continue Reading How automation is changing the future of the workforce

The act of returning to Kanto yet again was like the cathartic stress-relieving experience that drives people to drop dozens upon dozens of hours into Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, Harvest Moon, and the like, but with the added benefit to me personally that I knew exactly what to do and… Continue Reading Pokémon Let’s Go is for people like my boss

Monday 30th of July. A fresh pulse of Atlantic swell hits the iconic Cote Landaise. Kyllian Guérin Léo-Paul Etienne, Enzo Cavallini & Téva Bouchgua show us Capbreton in all it’s glory. On the other side of the river mouth, Hossegor was firing. While some were getting barreled in Capbreton, others charged big-waves… Continue Reading While some were getting barreled in Capbreton

Makkelijk op de hoogte blijven van updates over het rooster van de ACLO Meld je dan aan voor de Facebook groep: ACLO Schedule Updates Helaas gaat vandaag, 23 maart 2017, om 16.30-17.15 uur het open uur aquarobics niet door. Het wordt vervangen door vrij zwemmen. Excuses voor het ongemak. .