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May 28, 2020 by Neil Cant. in. Leave a comment. The Need for More Reality…. If like me you have been working remotely in the wake of the corona-virus lock-down, it will no doubt have increased your need to connect and collaborate more with your friends and colleagues. Your work days… Continue Reading using VR for business is becoming ever more serious

The Next Evolution of Open Innovation – What’s Next?. 20 04 2011 [tweetmeme] This last week I was at the Marcus Evans Open Innovation Conference giving a presentation on “The Next Evolution of Openness” – Getting back on the speaking circuit finally gave me a little thinking time away from building… Continue Reading The Next Evolution of Open Innovation – What’s Next?

Getting Inside the Game – The promise of Gamification in the Enterprise 15 03 2012 [tweetmeme]You’ve probably started hearing the terms “Gamification” or “Game Mechanics” in increasing frequency in your corporate hallways of late. This is especially so if I’ve been working with you, as Gamification theory and practice (not to… Continue Reading THAT’s the real promise of Gamification

Clausulas legales. De acuerdo con lo establecido por la Ley Orgánica 03/2018, le informamos que los datos obtenidos de este formulario serán incorporados a un fichero automatizado bajo la responsabilidad de COMMON MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS SL con la finalidad de atender sus consultas y remitirle información relacionada que pueda ser de… Continue Reading De acuerdo con lo establecido por la Ley Orgánica 03/2018

Login Remember Me Subscribe. Shop. » Products » ChatBoost PS4. ChatBoost. SKU: CM0008019.99 Buy product Sorry, . This product is not available in your country SKU: CM00080 Category: PS4 Features. Specs. Downloads. Support. Description. BACKLIT CONTROLLER CHATPAD & BATTERY BOOST UP TO DOUBLE THE PLAY TIME. The PS4 CHATBOOST by… Continue Reading CM00082 PS4 STRIKE PACK 10FT CABLE

Category: Lighting. GDC Retrospective and Additional Thoughts on Real-Time Raytracing. This post is part of the series ““. Just got back from GDC. Had a great time showcasing the hard work we’ve been up to at SEED. In case you missed it, we did two presentations on real-time raytracing: DirectX Raytracing… Continue Reading Surfel-based Global Illumination (from GDC slides)

Preventing CSRF attacks on a Single Page App with REST API. Tl;dr – If your SPA uses a private REST API, . Use CORS and a CSRF Token header If your SPA uses a public REST API, use a SameSite Strict cookie for mutating operations (if you only support newer browsers) or separate API… Continue Reading Preventing CSRF attacks on a Single Page App with REST API

About. I’m an tech-savvy, entrepreneurially-spirited guy. Currently, I’m a Site Reliability Engineer at Confluent, building out the hosted Confluent Cloud and helping put a streaming platform at the heart of Fortune 500 enterprises. This is my personal blog. Giving true meaning to the origin of the term, my blog is a catalog of… Continue Reading I was President of the Drexel Smart House

ESP8266/ ESP32. ESP8266/ ESP32 related projects ESP8266/ ESP32. July 31, 2019August 5. 2019 Sumona 1 Comment arduino blink, esp32, helloworld, iot, led, micro python, sd card, spi, wemos, wrover We are going to see a board which definitely is not a newcomer of the year, but it has certainly ESP8266/… Continue Reading 2019 0 Comment arduino

Features. Pricing. Resources. Documentation Get up and running quickly Get Started Create pipeline. Integration Tests. YAML. Popular Topics Deploy to Kubernetes Helm Quick Start . Working with Docker. Webinars. Case Studies. Codefresh Steps. Status page. Blog. community-icon Created with Sketch. Community. Enterprise. Blog. Schedule Demo. Sign in. Sign up. Features… Continue Reading Damon Zirkler Steelcase In Codefresh